Previous Provincial Champions

Outdoor Provincials 2018

Indoor Provincial 2018


Outdoor Provincials 2017


Indoor Provincial 2017


Outdoor Provincials 2016

Jubilee Shield Edmonton Callies Major (CWSA 1)
Jubilee Shield Edmonton Foothills Womans Football Club (CWSA 2)
Premier Women Calgary Cougars FC (CWSA 1)
Premier Women Calgary Rapids FC (CWSA 2)
Tier 1 Women Calgary SSR Savanna (CWSA 1)
Tier 1 Women Calgary Sonics (CWSA 2)
Tier 2 Women Calgary Santos (CWSA 1)
Tier 2 Women Calgary Blizzard Cruisers (CWSA 2)
Tier 3 Women Edmonton BB United (CWSA 1)
Tier 3 Women Edmonton Apothic FC (CWSA 2)
Classics Major Edmonton Tsunami Blues
Classics Premier Calgary Missfits


Indoor Provincial 2016

Competition Teams Location
Jubilee Shield Callies Major (CWSA #1) Calgary
Jubilee Shield CFSC Major (CWSA #2) Calgary
Jubilee Shield FC Panthers (CWSA #3) Calgary
Premier Rangers Premiers (CWSA #1) Edmonton
Premier DK United (CWSA #2) Edmonton
Tier 1 Tsunami Blues (CWSA #1) Edmonton
Tier 1 CJSC Blizzards (CWSA #2) Edmonton
Tier 2 Chinook Rogues (CWSA #1) Edmonton
Tier 2 Santos FC (CWSA #2) Edmonton
Tier 3 CFC Fury (CWSA #1) Calgary
Tier 3 BB United (CWSA #2) Calgary
Tier 3 Bandidas FC (CWSA #3) Calgary
Classics Major Rangers Rebels (CWSA #1) Calgary
Classics Major Revolution FC (CWSA #2) Calgary
Classics Premier NRG (CWSA #1) Edmonton
Classics Premier SFC Jade (CWSA #2) Edmonton


Outdoor Provincials 2015


Indoor Provincial 2015

Indoor Provincials will be held on March 20-22, 2015

Competition                         Date                                            Location

Jubilee Shield                  March 20-22, 2015                    Edmonton, AB (South Soccer Centre)

Women's Premier            March 20-22, 2015                    Edmonton, AB (South Soccer Centre)

Women's Tier 1                March 20-22, 2015                    Edmonton, AB (South Soccer Centre)

Women's Tier 2                March 20-22, 2015                    Lethbridge, AB (Servus Sports Centre)

Women's Tier 3                March 20-22, 2015                    Calgary, AB (Calgary Soccer Centre)


Outdoor Provincials 2014

Congratulations to all of our teams who represented CWSA this weekend in Edmonton at the 2014 Outdoor Provincials.

 Tsunami Blues- Classics Major- Silver medal

Airdie Warriors- Classics Premier- Bronze medal

Premier- FC Panthers- Bronze medal

Merucry FC-Tier 1- Silver medal

EMFC Athletics-Tier 1- Bronze medal

CJSC Blizzards- Tier 2-Silver medal


Indoor Provincial 2014

Congratulations to all our teams who succesfully represented the CWSA at Indoor Provincials this season.  Well done!

Major, SWU Saints - silver                      Major, FSC Mustangs  -bronze/ fair play                                   

Premier, NSD Panthers - silver 

Division 1, EMFC Athletics - gold                      Division 1, Cochrane Rangers 1 - bronze

Division 2, Revolution - bronze

Division 3, Blizzard Express - silver                   Division 3, Westwinds - bronze

Classics Major, Tsunami Blues - bronze            Classics Premier, Cochrane Rangers A - bronze


Outdoor Provincials 2013

Congratulations and thanks to all teams competing in the 2013 Senior Outdoor Provincials

 Open Premier Competition: NSD Panthers Bronze and Fair-play

 Open Tier 1(Div1) Competition: Revolution Bronze and Fair-play

 Open Tier 2(Div2) Competition: Blizzard Cruisers Silver and Fair-play, Hustlers Bronze

 Open Tier 3(Div3) Competition: Eastside Athletics Gold, Blizzard Express Bronze

 Classic Major: Mustangs Bronze

 Classic Premier: Tsunami Blues Gold, Calgary Ladies Storm Fair-play


Indoor Provincial 2013

Well done to the teams participating in the ASA Indoor Provincial Finals 2013

Jubilee Shield NSD Saints Silver, Callies Major 4th

Open Tier 2 Phoenix FC Bronze

Open Tier 3 Eastside Athletics Silver, Hustlers 4th 

Open Tier 4 Chinook Rogues Gold, PSA Panthers Silver

Classics Tier 1 Tsunami Blues Bronze, Cochrane Rangers 4th

Classics Tier 2 FC Dynamo Bronze, Bow Valley Rapids 4th


Outdoor Provincials 2012

We are pleased to announce that the following teams have succesfully competed at the 2012 Outdoor Provincials in Edmonton:

Major:                   Callies  Major - Silver

Premier:              Jaguars Premier - Bronze,  NSD Panthers - 4th place

Division1:            SF Cobras - Bronze,  Eastside Wrangler Raiders - 4th place

Division 2:            Revolution FC - Gold,  Mercury FC -  Silver

Division 3:            Hustlers FC - Gold

Classics Major:  Calgary Spirit - Gold, Tsunami Blues - Silver

are scheduled to take place from August 31 - September 3, 2012 in Edmonton


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