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The Player Network is here to assist teams who are looking for players and players who are looking for a team to join.

If you are interested posting an ad for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at office@mycwsa.ca.

There is no deadline to join a team - new players can be added to teams throughout the season

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Division
  • League (ex. Indoor: Boarded/Boardless 7v7; Outdoor: 8v8/11v11)
  • Team Name
  • Details (describe your team)
    • does your team practice?
    • age ranges
    • what positions do you need to fill (keeper, defence, midfielders, forwards, etc.)
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (email, phone number)

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Experience Level
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • Indoor (Oct-Mar): Boarded or 7v7 Boardless
    • Outdoor (May-Sept): 11v11 or 8v8
  • Details (describe yourself)
    • Your skill level
    • what position you play
    • your age or age range
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (phone number/email)


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Teams Looking for Players

Division League Team Details Contact Info

Date Posted

Div 4 8v8 Royals
The Royals are looking to add a few players (any position) to our roster for the outdoor season, potentially future seasons as well. Currently registered in div 4 8v8 league, the majority of the players are between 30-35. We try to stay competitive, but mostly we just enjoy getting out and having fun while socializing.
 Please email pamela.richmond11@gmail.com if you are interested in joining our fun group of ladies.  04/28/2022
Div 2 8v8 Chinooks United FC

Does your team practice - the team have option to practice once a week or no practices
Player age ranges - all girls are born between 2000 and 2004
What positions do you need to fill: Keeper

Over 40 8v8 Chestermere United

Chestermere United FC is looking to add players to our roster. We will be  playing 8v8 in the O40 Division.   We are an Over 40 team - all skill levels and positions are welcome.

For more information please check out our website at www.chestermereunited.com or email: info@chestermereunited.com 04/14/2022
Div 4 11v11 Rapids FC Inferno

Our team is looking for a couple players to join us for the 2021 outdoor season! We are an inclusive group of women in our mid to late 20s who like being competitive and fun. We practice once a week, and are hoping to add a few likeminded committed players to our roster. Defensive players and individuals who are flexible about positioning are preferred.

Contact Katie at katie.howard@shaw.ca or (403) 988-8747  03/03/2021
Premier 11v11 Legacy FC

Legacy FC is looking for quality, committed players to join the squad for the upcoming 11v11 season in the premier division. We are looking to fill all positions. The expected time commitment is 1 game and 1-2 practices per week throughout the summer.

 Head Coach Tariq bin Zayyad (email: info@legacysocceracademy.ca; phone: (403)561-4083)

Emilie Toews (email: emilie.toews.9@gmail.com; phone: (403)820-4812)

 Over 40 & Open Div 4  11v11 Cochrane Rangers


The Cochrane Rangers are looking for players for 11v11 soccer for both our Over 40 team and Open Team (Div 4). Home games are in Cochrane and away games are in Calgary. A fun group of ladies. Contact info@cochranerangers.com for more information.


 Contact info@cochranerangers.com for more information.


Players Looking for a Team

Name Experience Level Details Contact Info

Date Posted


Ana  Premier  My name is Ana Waurynchuk, I played for the Medicine Hat Rattlers last season in the ACAC. In September I will be playing for the University of Lethbridge. I am looking to play in the outdoor (May-Sept) 11v11 premier league this summer. I play right fullback. I am 19 (turning 20 in December).   My email address is ana.waurynchuk@gmail.com and my cell is 250-417-5892. I look forward to hearing from you and joining a team in Calgary for the summer  05/17/2022
Whitney Div 2-5
  • Experience Level: I've played soccer competitively as an adolescent and Div 2 in my early 20s. I took a break and played Div 3-5 while having a family.  
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • 11v11 (preferred), but open to 8v8
    • I am looking for a team that is a bit competitive (i.e., not a purely recreational team, although I'd also like this to be fun!). I want to regain some of my skills and improve as a player.
    • Important note: I will be out of town for most of July. 
  • Details (describe yourself)
    • Your skill level: Solid and experienced, but rusty. 
    • What position you play: I usually played midfield, but can play any position.  
    • Your age or age range: I'm 35 years old and would prefer to play with a team in their 30s. 
 wpunchak@gmail.com   05/17/2022

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m in my late 20s. I’m looking for a social, fun and competitive team to join! I played competitive outdoor and indoor in Ontario (Div 3) for 7ish years and also high school for 4 years. I haven’t played in some time (miss the sport so much!!), but I’ve stayed fit and active. I mostly played wing mid with a bit of defense, but I’m flexible for other positions. I’m looking for a summer (and potentially winter) 11v11 or 8v8 on a div 4-5 team.

 Please text me at 905-630-6306 or email at guedezandrea@gmail.com.  05/17/2022
Orla  Div 3/4

Hi, my name is Orla. I’m looking to join an 11v11 or 8v8 outdoor team in tier 3 or 4. I’m 19 and I’ve played soccer most of my life in tier 2/3 with CMSA. I stopped playing in 2019 and I’m looking to get back into it this summer. I play defense, but I would try other positions!

Email: osgurden@gmail.com

Text: 403-383-3204

 Amanda  Div 4

My name is Amanda Colby and I am 38 years old. I am looking to start back up with soccer. I played competitively for approximately 8 years with the Rangers. It has been a while now but hey why not. I think division 4 would be good. I played defence back in the day but would be willing to play a new position. Just not goalie. I live in Airdrie. Please let me know if there may be a spot to meet new people and regain some skills. 

 acolby83@hotmail.com   05/13/2022
Danielle  Div 4/5

Hi my name is Daniellle, I'm  21 years old and I am looking for a team to play for the outdoor season, and possibly continue into the indoor season. have played div 4 in the CMSA for 6 years and I would love to get back into soccer!  Im looking to join a more recreational team, so div 4-5, though I would be interested div 3 as well. I have played mainly as a defender, but I can do most posiHi Daniltions! I can also do either 11v11 or 8v8.

 My phone number is 587-223-3396 and my email is dafinney@shaw.ca  05/13/2022

5 seasons of experience playing 11 a side and 5 a side in South Africa and in the UK for village/small town teams. Usually play at left back but can play on the right too.

Happy to play any form of soccer (indoor, outdoor and any sized team). Looking for a social team to join for training and possibly matches when I arrive in Calgary in June. 

33 yrs.

 lucy.j.gilbert@gmail.com   05/05/2022
Meghan Div 3

 Hello, my name is Meghan, and I am 21 years old. I played organized competitive soccer until grade 11, and after which I took some time off to focus on my grade 12 year of high-school. I am really wanting to get back full swing into it. I am looking for a div 2-4 team in either 11v11 or 8v8. In regards to position I mostly play forward to mid, but am comfortable adapting to any. 




Rec (Divs 3-5)
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • Outdoor (May-Sept): 11v11 or 8v8 but I am also interested in continuing to play indoor in the winter, boarded or boardless. 
  • Details (describe yourself):
    • I played on a team in middle school but I haven't played on a team since, and I miss it a lot 😭
    • I don't have a position preference, but I'm not a very good goalie 😅
    • I am 28 this year and I currently do aerial hoop and infrared yoga to keep strong and flexible
    • I would love to find a team around my same (mid - late 20's) age group 😊
Contact Info: please text me at 587 216 9917
Hi, my name is Sonia and I'm 33 years old. I played recreationally for most of my life up until the last few years since I moved to Calgary. I've managed to stay fit and active but miss soccer greatly!! I mostly played defence but flexible to play other positions as well. I'm looking to play summer 11v11 on a div 3-5 team.
Call/text: 587-899-6054
Amanda div 4/5 
My name is Amanda. I am looking to play/sub in recreational soccer this upcoming summer. 
The Highest level of soccer that I played was highschool soccer (Over 12 yrs ago). I played center mid or defence. I am 32 years old. I would probably be back to beginner level. 
403-888-6028   04/28/2022
Laura Div 4/5

31 year old played few years back on div 3. Looking for more recreational team available asap. I enjoy playing goal and forward. 


Hello, my name is Isabella, I’m looking for a team to play outdoor with. I'm good with 11v11 or 8v8. I’m 19, played tier 4 for many years with CMSA. I’m most comfortable in defence.

 403-608-7383.  04/19/2022

My name is Ashleigh and I'm 20, I'm looking at joining a team for outdoor 2022

 ashleighcoldwell13@gmail.com   04/14/2022

Looking for: Summer 11v11 or 8v8

Age: 23

Experience level: Played throughout youth until 2020. Played on Manitoba provincial team and trained at the regional excel centre in Winnipeg. Just moved to Calgary and am looking for a team :) 

Position: Usually centre back but versatile 

Division: Looking for Division 2 or 3. Want to be competitive but still fun.


 204) 887-4642 or jackson.veronicalynn@gmail.com  04/14/2022
Tay & Em  Div 4/5
My name is Tay & my friends name is Em we are both interested in playing. We are 25 we played soccer our whole childhood / teen years .. we would love to start playing again in intermediate or recreational not looking for anything super competitive as we are a bit rusty haha!
I play forward she plays defence


Andrea Div 4 or 5
My name is Andrea. I am looking for a team to play, I play Striker position. I am looking to join a division 4 or 5 team. I like to play in teamwork and have fun.
 Feel free to send me an email at: avenegas89@hotmail.com or call at
587 703-6599.
Trisha O40 or Div 4/5
My name is Trisha and I am 44 years old, looking for an over 40 team to play with, 11v11 or 7v7. I have played with CWSA for many seasons, am most comfortable in O40, but have also played in open Div4/5. 
I am a keeper, and am looking for a team that is in need of a backup or who would be willing to put me on the roster to play when needed and as a call up for other teams. 
I am willing to play out, it's good for me, I'm just not fast! Looking to get some exercise and have a good time and beers after games are most welcome. 
Please text 403-554-5154 if you think I might be a good fit.  04/05/2022
Amanda Div 4 looking for Over 40

Two Over 40 players looking to join an 11v11 Over 40 team part time. 


Mirela  Div 4-5


  • I am 18 years old, looking forward to playing this outdoor season 
  • Played in divisions 4-5 in CMSA for 3 years, and women's Division 4 last Summer
  • I’m an agile, quick player. I like to be challenged with new positions, though I have the most experience playing left wing/midfield.
  • Summer 11v11 or 8v8 both work well

Text or call at 403-397-4359


Ashley Perrotte Div 5

My name is Ashley Perrotte, I’m looking for an open div 5 team for outdoor, either 11 v 11 or 8 v 8.

I am 22 years old, I’ve been playing rec soccer since the age of 9. I play midfield or defence.

I’m looking for a group of nice girls.

I can be reached at 403 671-4195. 03/22/2022
Song Div 3-5

Hello, My name is Song, 23 years, from South Korea. I'm looking for a team to play together! I have been played soccer with my friends just for fun from middle school but I haven't played for few years. So.. I want to join any of Division 3 to 5. I don't have my own position but I prefer mid ( other position is also ok)..and I want to join the team there are practices. 

Mackenzie Van Doorn  Tier 3
  • Played competitive tier 1/2 for 10 years until I was 18, played some recreational
  • Want to start in tier 3, will probably move into tier 2
    • WINTER: I am fine with either Boarded or 7v7 Boardless
    • SUMMER: I am fine with either 11v11 or 8v8
  • I have killer endurance once I work my way back into it and I would say I am a wise player. I love the game and the team environment. I miss it!
    • Midfield (centre or wing, prefer centre), also experience in defence but not as strong
    • 20 y/o
 403 849 0455 - text or call me anytime :)
 Erin Potts  

Experience Level: recreational level on and off for 17 years

Looking for: SUMMER: 11v11

  • skill level: recreational plus (division 4/5)
  • position: defence 
  • age/age range: 29
 erin.potts08@gmail.com  03/09/2022
Carrie Div 4 or 5

Experience: beginner 

League: looking for a team that I can play both summer and winter -perhaps div 5 or 4. 

Skill level : skill wise- beginner but committed to training and improving. I have been playing coed rec soccer for the last few years and I’m looking to improve my individual skills. I would love to join a team that practices. Game wise: intermediate- I come from a high level field hockey background so I’m able to read plays and players well. 

Position- mid or defense 

Age : 33 

 csliyap@gmail.com   03/09/2022
Taylor  Div 3-5

I am 18 and I would like to play in the summer 11v11. I played recreationally for most of my life and I played for my junior high and high school team, but I haven't played much since covid happened. I usually played midfield or defence but I am pretty flexible. I would like to play on a div 3-5 team. Super excited to play again!

and 403-993-6381. 
Kay  Div 4-5

I’m just moving to Calgary this month and would love to join a women’s soccer team. 

I would be interested in the 11v11 May-Sept season. I would prefer something more on the recreational side. I haven’t played soccer in a few years but I used to play midfield. I am turning 30 this year.

 kaydeboer@gmail.com   03/03/2022
Claire  Div 1 or 2

I have played K-12 + women’s div 1 indoor and outdoor  leagues until age 26.

Looking to join division 1 or 2 for Summer 11v11.

I am 28 and I’ve played competitively for the majority of my life. I have primarily played as a goalie however, I also play forward. 





Shayla Div 4/5

My usual team is not going to enter a team this outdoor season and I am now looking for an outdoor team to move to. 

Currently playing division 5, willing to move up one division or stay div 5. I am typically a defender or can play on the wing. 26 years old, looking to play in both 8v8 and 11v11.

jorquerashayla6@gmail.com or 403.992.9340  03/03/2022
  • Stephanie Fitzgerald (maiden name: Malo)
  • played competitively for many years but not played at all since having kids 9+ years ago.
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • I'd like to play summer 11v11 with a team that transitions to indoor if possible, but not necessary.
    • Over 40 
    • I'm a very versatile player. I've played everything, and am wiling to help out where needed, even in goal occasionally (just not all the time).
    • I'm upbeat and positive. I'm fun to have on a team. I value sportsmanship and connection with teammates.
    • 43yo - 44 in March
Tamara Div 3-5

I'm 25 years old and I'm looking to join a ladies team this summer! (and hopefully continue to an indoor team as well!)  I've played competitive and recreational soccer, on and off since I was younger, and would like to get back into it.  I'd be comfortable starting anywhere from Div 3-5.  I've usually played either forward or mid!




Charley Div 2/3

League: summer 11v11

Skill: play seasonally (summer) every year

Age: 28

chasselaar2@gmail.com  02/15/2022

Hello, my name is Daniela Covarrubias Martinez, I’m 18 years old and I’m a Mexican girl, I will be here for 6 months.
Im looking for a soccer team, I played since I had 5 years old and I’m midfield or forward.

Hope you can find me a soccer team, thanks!

 danycovarrubiasm@gmail.com   02/15/2022

I was looking into possibly registering to play this upcoming outdoor season, either 11v11 or 8v8.

I don’t have much experience at all, I haven’t played since I was a teenager and I’m 37 now. Looking at the website I think that’d be div 3 or 4.

If anyone is looking for players, I wanted to put my name out there!

 mandadedward@gmail.com   02/15/2022
 Jenna  Div 1

Hi I am looking for a team to play with for this summer season 2022. My name is Jenna and I am 28 years old. I last played competitive soccer at the university level in the US from 2011-2015. I haven’t had the opportunity to play since so I might be a bit rusty but I am sure it will come back quickly. I would like to play 11v11 but not sure what divisions are like over here. I am thinking division 1 probably. I usually play forward but could play midfield as well.  Looking to have fun and get back into the sport in a new city! I can be competitive if that is the vibe as well. 

You can reach me either at 250-946-6952 or jennasteffensen@gmail.com

 You can reach me either at 250-946-6952 or jennasteffensen@gmail.com  02/07/2022
Nicole Div 1/2

My name is Nicole, I am 27 years and I’m looking for outdoor.  I’m from BC and played from U6-U18 then continued to play tier 1 for four more years. I am looking to play div 1/2, 11v11. I’ve played right defence throughout my life. I am fast and not afraid to use my body to get the ball or step in front to block shots on net. I’m a great team player and I’m always open learning new moves and suggestions on how to improve.  I love playing soccer on a team and would love being a part of that environment again. 

If you think I’m right for your team please e-mail or text;

My name is Avery and I am looking to join a team for the 2022 outdoor season and possibly the indoor season. I played competitive soccer growing up and I am looking forward to getting back into it! I am looking to join a div 4 or 5 team and I am open to 8v8 or 11v11. I am 21 and located in the southeast.  

I can be reached at averymclellan@gmail.com 

Victoria  Intermediate

Looking to play Boardless 7v7

    • Skill level: Played from K-12 and some adult rec leagues. experienced and would say my skill level is skilled but not pro!
    • Position: Mid or Forward position, I've played Goalie in the past, willing to be goalie again if needed!
    • Age/Age Range: 22 years old preferably in a mid 20's age range

I just moved to Calgary from Vancouver Island. Looking to play on a team and meet new people!

250-735-6265 and higginsonvictoriarose@gmail.com  02/07/2022
Jonika  Div 1 or 2

Hi, my name is Jonika Graham and I am a 20 year old goalkeeper looking for a team to play with for the outdoor league. I have been a goalie for a few years now and have played competively when I lived in Saskatchewan. I mainly played Div 2 back home but this past indoor season I played Div 1 in Red Deer. I am wanting to play as much as I can this summer so I really don’t mind if it’s 11v11 or 8v8. I would describe myself as a very vocal, supporting and hardworking player. However, I would have to say that my greatest strength would be my fearlessness. My passion for this sport is relentless and I am so excited to meet my future coach & teammates. 

 You can reach me at: Jonika.graham11@hotmail.com or (306) 845-8107   02/03/2022
 Abby  Div 1/2

My name is Abby Thomas and I’m a 23 year-old who is new to Calgary! 

I’m looking to played in the 11v11 outdoor league this summer (2022) at either the Div1/Div2 level (I’m not sure exactly how the divisions here compare to the divisions in Ontario). 

I typically play centre back or full back but am a fairly versatile player who is happy to play wherever needed. I generally prefer to play a passing/possession game. Some of my strengths as a player are that I’m a team player, a hard worker on the field and am fairly quick sprinting wise.  

I’ve played about 10 years of competitive soccer at the youth level and 2 at women’s competitive 1. I haven’t played much in the last two years due to COVID, but am certain that it would come back fairly quickly. 

I can be reached at

Rhonda  O40

My name is Rhonda Baptiste-Lacasse.  I'm 49 years old and played competitively from the age of 8 to 39 (University level and Div. 1 and 2 in Montréal). I have not played for about 10 years (when I moved to Calgary in 2012) but looking to get back into the sport at rec. level.  Over 40 league, 8 vs 8, not sure what division, but would welcome practices.  I'm interested in playing during the summer season (May to September).  Would be willing to sub on an indoor team if needed, but cannot commit to full-time.  I played sweeper/defense and midfield. Look forward to hearing from you.

  I can be reached at 587-224-0466.   01/31/2022



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