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The Player Network is here to assist players who are looking for a team and teams who are looking to add players.

If you are interested in adding a post for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at office@mycwsa.ca.

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

- Division
- Team Name
- Details (see examples below)
- Contact Info

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

- Your Name
- Experience Level
- Details (see examples below)
- Contact Info




Teams Looking for Players


Division Team Details Contact Info

Date Posted

Div 1 Rangers Atletico

We are a young, fun group looking to add a few more experienced, committed, and competitive players to our team! If you are interested in joining please don’t hesitate to contact me.


email: linam.jervis@gmail.com 
Phone: 403 478-1488

Div 4 Rangers Thunder

Rangers Thunder, Division 4, is looking for an experienced full time keeper for the 2020 Outdoor Season. We are a newly formed team with a great group of skilled, fun players.  We have a committed coaching team and belong to a larger inclusive club (the Rangers).

If interested, please contact Lavender at lavenderearly1@gmail.com


PASS FC is currently looking for several competitive players to complete our roster for the outdoor season in Division 1. We are looking for all field positions as well as an experienced Keeper (Reduced Fee’s for first season). We will most likely have 2 sessions each week (practice/game). If you are interested or are looking to acquire more information Please contact Jason by either email or text.

text: 403-478-6551

Div 3 Apothic FC


We are: Competitive, Fun, Sponsored, Committed, Low fees, And provide you with a jersey and shorts.


Please text Krystle at
403-477-4715 or email alexanderkrystle1@hotmail.com

O40-2 Goal Diggers

The Goal Diggers is a fun but competitive team that supports each other!  We are looking for a few more players to complete our roster for the outdoor season.  If you are looking for a team we would love to have you join us.  

Carla at carla.josephs@telus.net or 403-667-7839 03/06/2020
O40-3 Jade


We are looking for 2 more players to round out our Roster for the Spring Cup April 3-5, 2020.  Guaranteed 4 games (1 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday). Fun and welcoming group of players. Great chance to try out CWSA before the outdoor season! Please contact us before March 5th!



O40-2 &
Chestermere United

Chestermere United is looking for players of all skill levels to join our Over 40 teams (Div 2 & 3)


Alison Bailey at thebaileysx4@shaw.ca

Div 3 Panthers

We are looking for a few more players for this outdoor season. We are a fun group of experienced and skilled soccer players. Everyone gets along and they are a good group of ladies.


text Joe at 587-284-1946

Div 3 Inter

Hi there, we currently are looking for a few more girls to join the team that play any position (including goalie). A few of the girls on the team have played together since U14, and most girls on the team have played tier 1-3 most their lives. We are looking for someone with similar high level soccer experience and are looking to commit to our 1 game/week schedule, as we don't have practices. We are a fun, welcoming group that are getting too old to play outdoor short handed (average age on team probably ~24-25). We have lost a couple girls due to injury or other commitments such as work or family. We still have a couple of indoor games if you would like to come and play and check out the team 🙂

please text for more details


looking for a PT/FT Goalkeeper. GK will pay a reduced fee based on your availability. Please Contact Vic or Harvey.

Vic - emfcswat@gmail.com

(c) 403-620-5689


Harvey - hnahal@yahoo.ca
(c) 403-607-3600

Div 5 CNS Panthers

We are looking for experienced and skilled players with good attitudes and high commitment levels. Most of our players played in div 2-3 in minor league. We value good team work and communication on and off the field. Most of us are university students and we love doing things together outside of soccer as well! We are competitive but we like to have fun and we strive to have everyone get along with one another and feel included! For more info please feel free to text Marissa


Div 4 NCU Wildcats Looking for a full time GOALIE for our Div 4 team. We are a competitive/fun team. We do not practice, but we are looking for a player that has past experience playing in net. Please text me for more information Erin
403-901-9717 or
email, erin.stephanie02@gmail.com
 Premier Rapids FC  We are looking for a few girls to join our outdoor team. Ideally you would be a player with relatively high level soccer experience. Most of our team grew up playing Tier 1 or 2 and quite a few girls have played varsity soccer as well. We are a fun group of girls who recently lost a bunch of our players to university programs. We like to work hard but also have fun together as a team. If you would like to try out the level we could try calling you up for an 8 v 8 game during this indoor season  

Taylor (403) 554 3732 or tm.lamb@shaw.ca




Players Looking for a Team



Name Experience Level Details Contact Info

Date Posted


Zoe Prem-Div2

Hey all, I played university soccer this past season as a gk at l’UdeS in Quebec. I am working in Ab this summer and would like to play a few games whenever I don’t work. Ideally, I’d be looking to play from div 2 onwards to premier level.


Kaitlin  Div 5

My name is Kaitlin and I am 32 years old. I loved to play when I was a kid but stopped playing as I got older. I have tried to stay active and would love to start playing soccer again. I would say that I would probably be a division 5 or a moderate play. 

 You can contact me at Kaitlin_Schellenberg@hotmail.com  06/30/2020
Marisa O40-1, O40-2

Looking to join a team for the mini league this summer in O-40 tier 1 or 2. Love the outdoor game, want to play this season however short. Preferred position midfield, can also play forward. I’ve played soccer for over 20 years and am fit to play. Looking for a well rounded team, competitive, good team vibe that love the game.




Hi, I’m 32, and am looking for a women’s soccer team to join. I may possibly join a team as a regular player, or even as a sub. I played a lot of soccer growing up until high school. I’m reasonably fit as I walk a lot and also have taken up running, but am a beginner runner still. 

 jess.e.wilson@hotmail.com   06/18/2020
Aliya Abdallah   Div 1

I am looking for a CWSA team to play on in this modified upcoming outdoor season (July/August).
 My name is Aliya Abdallah and I am looking to play on a division 1 team. I am 18 years old and have been playing club soccer for the past 10 years. I have previously played for the Foothills 02 tier 1 girls and am currently apart of the Mount Royal University Women’s soccer team. I am looking for a team to play with during summer. I'm primarily an attacking midfielder however I am able to play in any forward position (winger, striker, outer mid).

Email: aliya0021@hotmail.com 
Phone: (587) 707-8252
Mandeep Suri   beginner/moderate

Miss playing soccer and looking for a team that is competitive and will keep me on my toes. Haven't played for a while but am looking for a good challenge. Do regularly run and bike so I think my stamina is up there and my kids play soccer so join them once in a while. 

- Experience Level- Used to play in my early teens and co-ed in my adult love but I would have to say beginner to moderate

 surim403@gmail.com or 403-613-3042  06/18/2020
Sarah Div 2-3

Sarah, 36, I played division 2/3 for 7 years, about 16 years ago.  I'm looking for a lower division team to get my feet wet again. I live in the southwest Mission, I'm looking for a team with practices nearby. I'm in this for fun and exercise.

I'm looking for both outdoor and indoor.


I can be reached at sarah.dbarber@yahoo.ca or 587-777-7778

Valeria Div 4-5

My name is Val Cuadros, I am a 20 year old who really misses playing soccer and is looking for a team! I started my soccer experience when I was about 12 years old with SWU and was placed in  tier 4 until I hit U14 and got switched to a new tier 3 team. My team and I all grew together to become the best possible versions of ourselves and our coach decided to request we move up to tier 2.  We spent 2 seasons ( one indoor and one outdoor) in tier 2 before a lot of us decided that the level of commitment (practices per week) weren’t really their preferences and neither was the slightly more competitive environment,  so we moved down to tier 3 again as a team. That is where I stayed until the end of my U18 season. As for the positions I’ve played in, I started off as an outside defence and then played as a forward for a couple of seasons but my last 2 years playing involved centre back and sometimes wing defender. I do work part time, mostly Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s but my work is very flexible in terms of availability so I’d be able to change it whenever. I think I would be best suited for tier 4-5 since I have not been playing consistently since I was 17 years old for I had an ACL soccer related injury in 2017 and I went back the summer of 2018 but after that I didn’t play at all and just recently I’ve been playing with a couple of friends but nothing competitive just kicking the ball around for fun. I can be reached at 587-436-3103, no preference in terms of calling or text, as well as by e-mail: valeriacuadros08@gmail.com

I can be reached at 587-436-3103, no preference in terms of calling or text, as well as by e-mail:


Katie Div 3-4

My name is Katie, I’m 29 years old, and I’m a new player looking to play in div 3-4. I played growing up for about 8 years typically as a defender but am also comfortable in midfield. I’m able to commit to a few nights a week including weekends for practices and games for the outdoor season and would be interested in sticking with the same team for indoor.

 You can reach me via text or call at 403-630-5032 or email at katherinemraz@gmail.com  04/16/2020
Kayla Div 3 or 4

Hello! My name is Kayla Albert and I am 21 years old who is looking for a team!! I’ve played since I was little with a year off! I’ve played forward, defence and goalie. Forward for most of my years I played forward but I’ve enjoyed goalie very much, along with defence for the last 3.5 years.  Looking at division 3 or 4 possibly. 

I work full time and am available in the evenings and weekends! Just looking to join a competitive team who loves to have fun!

 Kayla Albert
(403) 437-2803
Sophie Div 5

Hi, my name is Sophie. I am 23 years old looking to join a team for the 2020 outdoor season. I have some experience in the past but haven’t played in years, I feel I would be best suited to Div 5. I can play anywhere however I mostly played midfield in the past.

I love the sport and look forward to getting back into it!




Julia Div 5

My name is Julia. I am 18 years old and I am looking to join a team for outdoor 2020. I do not have that much experience in soccer. However, I played it years ago in Montreal where I played defence. Therefore, I feel that I would be best suited for Div. 5. I love soccer and I am eager to learn!

Cell phone: 403-796-4176

e-mail: juliabje1@hotmail.com


Alex Major or Premier My name is Alex and I am looking for a team for this 2020 outdoor season. I currently play on the University of Alberta Soccer team but am in Calgary for the summer (until beginning of August) and am keen to join a team (preferably major or premier). I usually play mid but am good with playing wherever you need someone. My contact number is 587-580-6589 (text or call is good). My contact number is 587-580-6589 (text or call is good).


INDOOR 2019/20
Name Experience Level


Contact Info Date Posted (MMDDYY)
Ana Div 5

Hi my name is Ana Melendez, I am 30 years old. I do not have much experience, but love soccer. I have played in some games it has been a great opportunity for me. I'd probably be best suited for Div 5. I played defense. Looking for a great team that has lots of fun and supports each other !




Alexis  Div 4

Hello! My name is Alexis Acuna. I am 26 and looking for a team to join for 2020 indoor and outdoor seasons. 
I used to play div 2 but I haven't played in years. I'd probably be best suited for Div 4. I play forward or mid. I miss playing and I'm looking forward to getting back into it.


Cell 403-889-7418



My name is Mckenzi. I'm 25 years old and I'm looking to get back into playing soccer. I haven't played since high school so I'm definitely a bit rusty but I played for 8 years, both indoor and outdoor, at different levels. I prefer to be a forward, but also have experience as a goalie. Ideally, I would like to find a team to possibly finish off the indoor season and then go into the outdoor season for sure. 





Tier 1/2 Goalkeeper at Foothills Soccer Club. Looking to be called up for games in either boarded or 8v8, has a CWSA ID Card and registered to an 8v8 Tier 4 team so can play up for any team. If you need a goalie for your game, please contact Vickie Boggs @ 403-616-2229 or by email at vickieboggs@shaw.ca

Mother: Vickie Boggs



Eva Champions League

Hi there! My name is Eva, I am 20 years old and am eagerly looking to join a team!

I have played and loved soccer for the majority of my life, however it has now been quite a few years since I have last played competitively. 

Therefore, I would probably be most suited to be playing somewhere in the div 4/5 range to start.

I have always played as a defender, however I am open to trying anything out.

Although I'm a little rusty, I have such a love and passion for the sport, and I would love to be part of a fun team that challenges me!




Amanda Div 3/4

My name is Amanda Price (26). I just moved here from New Brunswick, Canada and am looking to play indoor soccer in 2020. I have played soccer for much of my life (rec, JV and AA) but have not played for 5+ years now. I would probably do best in div 3/4 at this point. I've played defense and sweeper in the past but can adapt to anything as necessary. I'm really excited to get back into the sport that I love! Please get in touch if you have any availability for a rusty but passionate player. Talk soon.


or 587-439-4226

Kayla  Champions League (Div 4/5)

Hello! My name is Kayla Gavan. I am looking for a team to join for 2020 indoor and one I can hopefully stay on for outdoor season as well. 

I have played div 4 & 5 but as it's been a few years since I've played, I'd probably be best suited for Div 5. I played defence or mid. Looking for a great team that has lots of fun and supports each other !

 You can contact me at kaylavigavan@gmail.com or by phone at 403-466-7735  12/20/19



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