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If you are interested posting an ad for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at office@mycwsa.ca.

There is no deadline to join a team - new players can be added to teams throughout the season

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Division
  • League (ex. Indoor: Boarded/Boardless 7v7; Outdoor: 8v8/11v11)
  • Team Name
  • Details (describe your team)
    • does your team practice?
    • age ranges
    • what positions do you need to fill (keeper, defence, midfielders, forwards, etc.)
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (email, phone number)

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Experience Level
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • Indoor (Oct-Mar): Boarded or 7v7 Boardless
    • Outdoor (May-Sept): 11v11 or 8v8
  • Details (describe yourself)
    • Your skill level
    • what position you play
    • your age or age range
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (phone number/email)


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Teams Looking for Players




Contact Info

Date Posted
Division 3


Renegades FC

We are competitive but we also like to have fun and we go for drinks after EVERY game! We have a coach. We don't practice except between seasons. Most of our players are late 30's/early 40's and we are all mom's. We will waive fees for a keeper as they are hard to come by! 

We need a keeper!!

Lindy Bowler

(403) 850-6641




The Other Guys

The Other Guys are looking to add 2-3 players to our roster for the upcoming indoor season as well as the Kickstart Tournament. We welcome reliable players for midfield and forward positions and generally do not hold practices. We are a fun group of ladies ranging in age from 40's to 60's and have an awesome coach.  We like to win but also enjoy exercise and social time after the game. 

 Maria Marshall, 403-819-4467 or maria@mmyy.ca  09/22/2022
Div 3


CFC Galaxia

looking for goal keeper and 2-3 more ladies for our roster

caitlynmbourassa@gmail.com  09/19/2022
Div 3/4

7v7 Boardless


The Royals are looking to add a few players to our roster, any position (including a keeper - our rule is that goalies never pay fees!). We are registered in the 7v7 boardless league this upcoming indoor season, the majority of the players are between 30-35. We try to stay competitive, but mostly we just enjoy getting out and having fun while socializing.

 Please contact pamela.richmond11@gmail.com   09/13/2022
Div 3 or 4

7v7 Boardless


Intermediate soccer team looking to add players to our roster....any position - especially someone who plays GOAL!.  We do not practice, but are a bit competitive and a lot of fun.  The core group of ladies have been together since inception (I won't tell you how many years).  We are a mix of 30's and early 40's.  Please reach out :)


O40 Tier 2


Entre Amigas
League: KICKSTART Tournament
Division: O40 Tier 2, Indoor Boarded
Details: We are looking for 2 - 3 Over 40 players to join us for the Kickstart tournament
which is Oct 11 - 14, one game each evening. You can play 2 - 4 games.
Any position is fine!

Sharon via email at snumerow@shaw.ca or via text at 4037037176

Division 5


Xiway Deserters
Xiway Deserters are looking to add more players to our roster for the upcoming indoor season. We are looking for committed/reliable players for all positions and we don't hold practices. We are a fun group of ladies ranging in age from mid 20's to mid 40's, who like to win but also enjoy the exercise and going for a beer after the game. 

nikki.selinger@hotmail.com or text 403-473-1783

Division 4


Rapids FC Inferno
Rapids FC Inferno is looking for a few more players to add to our roster for the upcoming indoor season. We have a lovely group of ladies who value fun as much as competitiveness in our gameplay. We are looking for defenders and/or players that are flexible in position. We have players ranging from 18 to their early 30s. The average age would probably be around 27, but are happy to have people of any age.


or (587) 888-7013

Division 1/2


CNS Fiore

Our team is looking for GK for 7v7

Ages: 19-22

Position sought: GK



Division 2 INDOOR
Bandidas FC

Bandidas FC is looking to add a FULL TIME KEEPER/GOALIE to our roster. We do not practice but have all played at a higher level of soccer at some point in our lives and are a very competitive group of girls!

We are all around the early-late 20’s age range, we would love full time commitment, and just for you to bring your best and have a good time! 

Please contact Nicole Mountford at 403-305-9961 or nmount97@telus.net if you are interested!

Division 5 INDOOR
Xiway Deserters Xiway Deserters is looking to merge with another team for the indoor season. We currently have 10 players.


Over 40 Tier 3 INDOOR - Boarded Jade We are looking to round out our roster with 3-5 new players. We’re a laid back, fun O40 team hoping to recruit a keeper, and some energetic fielders. Doesn’t matter what position you prefer, we can definitely find a place for you. If you love to play, we’ve got space! Full or part time players are welcome. Schedule is usually 1 game per week and we practice very occasionally.

Charlotte Newton Stroppel cnewtons444@gmail.com (403)614-4361

Ann Burrage aeburrage@gmail.com (587)577-5351

Over 40 - tier 2 INDOOR - Boarded Entre Amigas We are looking for 1 - 3 players to round out our indoor roster for the upcoming season. We are a competitive team looking for just a few more players who have some experience playing soccer previously at any level whether at a younger age or more recently. We are competitive but our main focus is fun and beer after the game. We usually play in tier 2 (of 3 tiers in O40). Our team rangers in age from mid 40s and we don’t usually practice :)

If you think you might be a fit, please reach out and we can chat: Sharon, text (403)703-7176, or email snumerow@shaw.ca

Over 40(usually tier 2) INDOOR - Boarded McKenzie United Boarded indoor and ahead to 11v11 outdoor

We are looking for 4-6 ladies that would like to join us. We don’t normally practice, but if the stars align and we can manage to get a few in we will! Our age range is an average of about 50, a couple early 40’s, a bunch late 40’s and the rest 50 plus.

We are a committed but small group, would love to continue playing together but need more to join to fill out our roster. Of course winning is fun, we want to be competitive but it’s not a necessity, and beers after the games is a welcome reward!
Please contact me if you are interested, Shawnasst.pierre@shaw.ca  

Players Looking for a Team

Name Experience Level Details Contact Info Date Posted
Kristina been playing all my life, have played tiers and divisions 1-5, played mostly tier 1/2 in minor soccer.

looking to play Boarded or 7v7 Boardless, open to both
• Details (describe yourself)
o good footskills and vision, playmaker.
o position: midfield/striker
o age: 23



Michaela Div 1-3

Played Div 2/3 minor soccer and Div 1 women’s soccer in Edmonton. Stopped about 2yrs ago when Covid started, but am looking to get back out there.
looking for: Boarded or 7v7 Boardless Div 1/2
what position you play: can play anywhere except keeper, but don’t prefer to play as a defender.
Age: 22




Abbey Tier 2/3

Hi! My name is Abbey Kielly

I have played tier 2-3 for most of my playing seasons with Blizzards and CNS

I'm interested in playing either boarded or boardless for indoor and 11v11 for outdoor

About me: Im looking at playing either div 2-4, I have not played competitively in 2 years because of covid shutdown and university. But looking to get back into soccer and play good competitive soccer again! I am in 2nd year university so I will do my best to keep good full time commitment

Age: I am 19 years old so I am looking to play with people around my age and a bit older! 

Position: I play centre back in outdoor and midfield/ defence in indoor. 

Text me @ 403-200-1801 or my email is abbeykielly8@gmail.com  09/22/2022
Kanika Div 5

Experience level: Division 5 (played recreationally growing up)

League: Indoor (boarded or boardless)

Details: I'm 26 years old and just moved to Calgary. I am looking for a fun way to meet new people and stay active. I would love to play as a midfielder but am open to other positions. 

kanikadewan07@gmail.com 09/22/2022
Laura Intermediate
div 2/3
  • Which league you want to play in: Indoor (Oct-Mar): Boarded
  • Details
    • I’ve played div 2-4 soccer for pretty much my whole life! I’m competitive, but also like to have fun. The woman’s team I have been with for many years went their separate ways, so I am looking for a new team to join!
    • what position you play: Usually mid or defence, but can also play forward if needed!
    • your age or age range: 27
 lauradewaal8@gmail.com  09/22/2022
Aubony Div 3/4

My name is Aubony Baer, I am interested in joining a women’s soccer team for the indoor season, specifically division 3/4.

I am 27 years old, I played soccer for KC Kickers around 6 years ago for tier 3 until I was 21 years old. My positions were midfielder and striker for the most part. As well, I would like to mention that I have autism spectrum disorder, and playing soccer helps me to stay active and motivated.

 403-894-0870  09/22/2022
Elim Div 2

Hello my name is Elim Habte. I am 18 years old and interested in playing this upcoming indoor season. I have been playing competitive soccer since about 9 years old; I started out as a striker and have come to enjoy playing midfield. I have played for various clubs such as CNEU, PSA, MSB, and NCFC. I have participated in and won tournaments like Provincials, Kelowna Canada day tournament, and Fall cup. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL and had to undergo two surgeries, so the last indoor season was my first season playing again. The last team I played for was NCFC sounders U17, tier 2.


Elim Habte



 Neah Chaboyer  Tier 2/3

Experience Level: 12 years playing soccer, 6 years on club teams (tier 2/3)

Hi, my name is Neah, I’m an 18 year old university student who just moved to Calgary from the Edmonton area. I’m open to playing either boarded or boarded and would prefer to be on a team in division 2 or 3.

I’ve played pretty much every position at some point but have the most experience at centre back and the defensive area of the game as a whole. I played very competitively in the past as part of Sherwood Park Phoenix but my skills may be a bit rusty, otherwise I am in good shape.




Angelina  Div 1

Hello! My name is Angelina Lambrinoudis. I am 17 years old and looking to play 7v7 boardless soccer at a competitive level this season with CWSA. I have played soccer my whole life for about five times a week for the div 1 team at Foothills Soccer Club. I enjoy playing fullback the most, however I am pretty adaptable to any position (other than goalie). I would love to play in a competitive league, as it is challenging, yet fun. As well as it is an awesome sport to play.

I also know two other girls who are potentially interested in joining the same league as well. They both have the same skill set as I. If we could all somehow play on the same team, that would be amazing.


 Cierra  Intermediate

Indoor, boarded or boardless

Skill level: intermediate / competitive (haven’t kept up with soccer lately & a little out of shape. Played outdoor 2021 and indoor 2022 and played competitive for 13 years plus school teams)

Position: Keeper, centre mid, striker - played competitive in all areas but willing to play anywhere

Age: 25

 cierrajsteph@gmail.com  09/13/2022
Sarah  Division 5

My name is Sarah D’Amico, and I’m an Education student at MRU. I played soccer for about five years, but haven’t played in about four years.

I’m interested in playing in Division 5, Boarded. 

I’m 21, and I typically played defence. I have previous knowledge of the game, but I’m a little rusty and looking forward to playing again. I like to win, but also just getting out of the house, exercising, and meeting new people.

 My email is sarahjeandamico@gmail.com and my phone number is 403-408-7788.  09/13/2022
Beverly Div 2-4

Hi my name is Bev and I recently moved to Calgary from the Toronto area. I’m looking to join a team for the indoor season (boarded or boardless). I’m 25 and played competitively for most of my life and recreationally for the past few years. Love playing left defence or centre defence but I can always sub in as a winger. I’m definitely a competitive person but also love just being able to get out and play! Hoping to find a team anywhere from division 2-4 :) 

Please reach out to me at 289-380-1861 or beverlybrookes@gmail.com 09/13/2022
Natalie  Div 5
Hi my name is Natalie and I’m 28 years old. I’m a beginner who is interested in playing in soccer and is committed to learning! I’m looking to join the indoor league and open to any position. 
You can reach me at nataliebeaurivage@gmail.com or 403.608.2913 thanks!  09/08/2022
Justine Div 2 or 3
I am looking to join a team for this indoor season!

I haven’t played in a while.
Position: Forward
Age: 23
looking for: Indoor, boarded

I use to play a while ago, but really hoping to pick it up again if the times work for me!
justinerea@gmail.com  09/08/2022
-Stephanie Breton, 31yrs old
-Minor soccer leagues all the way to ladies indoor and outdoor leagues in my hometown
-Indoor league boarded preferred, but boardless is fine as well
-in my hometown I was one of the top goal scorers, I was also told by many that I am a smart player that has the control to slow the game down when tensions get high. I like to play midfield as I have a good grasp at knowing when to play defensively but I can also grab the play and help my team up the field by scoring some goals.
or 709-280-0929
Tobore Division 4-5
League: Any
Details: I played competitively in high school, haven’t played in a while though but I enjoy the sport. I typically would play as a right winger but I’m open to whatever the coach decides. I am 28 and I guess my strength is willing to push myself past my limit for my team.
I can be best reached at tobymajemite@gmail.com  09/07/2022
Louisa  Div 4
My name is Louisa and I'm looking for a soccer team for the indoor season. 
Experience level: div 4
League: boarded or boardless 
About me: I'm 25 years old and I've played soccer my whole life but took the last couple of years off. I just moved here from Saskatoon, so I'm looking for a team that wants to have fun and doesn't get too competitive. I can play any position, but prefer mid field. 
You can reach me at (306) 270-7769 or Louisa.selby@outlook.com  09/07/2022
Elyse, Elena and Esther Div 1-2 

Hi, my name is Elyse Caldwell.  I'm 17 years old and looking to play for the CWSA this indoor season, 7v7 boardless. I've been playing soccer for 13 years and competitively for 7 years. The most recent club team I played for was the Chinooks Chelsea U17, Div 1 team. I’ve played positions all over the field however I'm the strongest playing striker/centre forward. I want to play in a competitive division that still allows me time for school and work.

I have two friends of the same skill level,  Elena Ector (played with for several years) and Esther Ryou that are also trying to find a CWSA team. I was wondering if it would be possible to be placed with them.
elysecaldwell28@gmail.com    09/07/2022

My name is Norine, I’m 37, and I’m looking to join a 7v7 boardless team. I currently play indoor and outdoor in division 4. I mostly play forward but can play midfield as well. I’m competitive but I like to have fun.

I can be reached at 403-836-8936 or norinelh@hotmail.com  09/07/2022

Hi! I'm Ella 30 year old woman. I just moved to Calgary from Finland and looking for a team. Don't really know from which division but nothing too serious I guess. I've played all my life but never super seriously so just looking for fun times with soccer. Would love to practice also. 8v8 or 7v7 indoor outdoor everything goes. Can play any position except goalie:D 

 ella.apaja@hotmail.com  09/01/2022
Breanne Div 2/3

Experience level: Played for 15+ years indoor and outdoor div 2/3. Then briefly joined my old college team (Lakeland Ruslters), but I have since relocated to Calgary. 

Which league: indoor Boarded

Details: Skilled, and fast player. I tend to enjoy defence the most but my old coaches would move me where they need me. I am 28 and looking forward to getting back into the game.


Contact info: Text or call: 780-504-1082

Kerris Div 1

I’ve played bcspl for a few years before university, then I completed one year for Dinos women’s soccer. I can play any position (preferably defence or wing) and I will be 19 in November. 


Contact Info: 

Phone number: +1(778) 688-9548

Email: kerris.ashley@gmail.com

Megan & Jannel  

We are looking to join the same team, if possible.

Megan Bohnert

  • Experience Level - High level
  • League: ANY
  • Details (describe yourself)
    • skill level - played competitive soccer for LFC in Lethbridge for 15+ years. Played on a Calgary team in 2020.
    • Position: Right forward or Right / left defence
    • Age: 30 years old  and hoping to play with teams ranging from 25 -35 years of age.

 Jannel Peterson

  • Experience Level-  Moderate level
  • League: ANY
  • Details
    • skill level - played competitive soccer many years ago - has been over 10 years.
    • Position: forward
    • Age:  30 years old and hoping to play with teams ranging from 25 -35 years of age.



Juliana and Shayla Div 3-4 Looking to play Indoor 7v7 Boardless and would be interested in continuing in the outdoor season 11v11 or 8v8

We are two sisters who are moving to Calgary from Toronto and looking for a new soccer team to join for indoor/outdoor. We grew up playing competitive soccer and continued in competitive rec leagues (11v11 in summer and 7v7 in winter) over the last few years, minus a hiatus over the pandemic. Shaylea (28) is a left-footed defender (but open to other positions) and Juliana (26) plays defense/outside mid. Looking to join a team that is fun and competitive while making some friends as we settle into a new city.
Text me at 905-484-1435 (preferred) or email julianabadovinac@gmail.com  08-25-2022
Anna Div 2-3

Hello! I am moving back to my hometown of Calgary this November after 6 years of living in Halifax. I have played competitive indoor and outdoor soccer since I was young (CMSA and High School), and have continued into the senior division (CWSA and Halifax's MSWSA). I am looking to play both boarded and borderless on a team that practices once a week. 

I play Winger or Striker. In this current outdoor season I have scored 7 goals in 9 games. My greatest strength is my speed. I am a competitive player with a positive attitude and I am looking for a team that values teamwork and good sportsmanship.
Age: 27



Taylor Div 3-5

My name is Taylor and I am 24 years old. I played both indoor and outdoor soccer from youth until high school, where I transitioned to Rugby, so it’s been a few years since I’ve played.

I’m looking to join a Div 3-5, either boarded or boardless team for the winter season. Ideally I’d play midfield or defence, but am pretty flexible in terms of where I play on the pitch!

Marlem Div 2-3

I am moving from NS to Calgary at the end of next month. My name is Marlem Magana. I am 32 years old, and I'd like to join a team. Based on your division's chart, I'd say I play Divisions 2-3.

I am currently playing summer season, having 1-2 games per week and one day of practice.  

Right now because of my moving timeline, I am looking for a team to join for the indoor season (Oct-Mar), but I will also love to join a team for the outdoor season next year. 

I play as an attacking midfielder or winger; my skills (as per my coach): I am a technical player strong in dribbling, control, and short and long passing. 

Last indoor season, I had 11 goals + 5 assists in 15 games. So far this summer season, I am on 2 goals + 2 assists in 5 games. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

   Div 3

Hello my name is Janelle Mann, I am 21 years old. 

I have played soccer for many years, at all levels. I played house, rep and showcase soccer.

I play striker, left or right wing or secondly midfield.  

I am wanting to play in Division 3 and up, I am comfortable with any.

 Interested in outdoor more, but indoor is fine as well. Just looking to get back out on the field and make some friends.

I work a 7 on 7 off schedule, and work out of town for those 7 days. So looking to commit to every game I can while I am at home :) hopefully a team can accommodate this! 



  Div 4/5   

My name is Isabel and I'm looking to join a team for the outdoor season! I'm 22 and have played soccer

recreationally throughout my life. I'm looking to join a division 4 or 5 team and am most comfortable playing midfield and defense positions.

 The best way to contact me is through my email: isabel88@shaw.ca  06/30/2022 
     I am Eman from Pakistan. I am 17 years old and I want to join a football club in Calgary and want to gain training from there so that I can pursue my career in football in later years. I want to get the training as well as study in one of the universities in Calgary next year.   emanmurtzaza605@gmail.com   06/20/2022



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