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The Player Network is here to assist teams who are looking for players and players who are looking for a team to join.

If you are interested posting an ad for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at office@mycwsa.ca.

There is no deadline to join a team - new players can be added to teams throughout the season

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Division
  • League (ex. Indoor: Boarded/Boardless 7v7; Outdoor: 8v8/11v11)
  • Team Name
  • Details (describe your team)
    • does your team practice?
    • age ranges
    • what positions do you need to fill (keeper, defence, midfielders, forwards, etc.)
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (email, phone number)

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • What Level are you looking to play?
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • Oct-Mar (Indoor): Boarded or 7v7
    • May-Sept (Outdoor): 11v11 or 8v8
  • Details (describe yourself)
    • Your skill level/experience level
    • what position you play
    • your age or age range
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (phone number/email)


Occasionally we have individual players looking for a team or teams looking for players for our tournaments.

Email your player or team requests to office@mycwsa.ca

for player and team listings for CWSA's tournaments, please check out each of our Tournament information pages, listed under the 'Tournaments & Provincials' tab on our website.



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Teams Looking for Players



Details & Contact Info

Date PostedMM-DD-YYYY

Tier 3

Foothills Legacy 

Foothills Legacy is looking for a goalkeeper for this Indoor 2023-2024 7v7 season, and to possibly carry over into the outdoor 2024 season.

We play in 7v7 division 3 and 11v11 division 3, and are looking for someone competitive with goalkeeping experience.

We are a great group of ladies that want to have fun and win some games.

If interested, contact Kerra McKay at (403)-923-4619


Division 4
Indoor Boarded

Latinas FC

Latinas FC is looking for a goalkeeper this indoor season. We are playing boarded Division 4. We practice once a week plus games. If interested please contact Romyna Pinedo (403 - 973 - 1294) or by email romynapiher@gmial.com


Division 1
Indoor Boarded

Villains FC

Villains FC is looking for a keeper for this indoor season with the opportunity to continue into outdoor. We are looking to play Boarded Division 1, and Futsal this season.  If interested or have any questions please contact Jason Morton at  soccer-4-life@shaw.ca or by text at 403-478-6551. 


Div 5
Indoor Boarded(we also play 11v11 outdoor currently div 4)

Rapids FC Inferno

Hi, our team will be losing a good chunk of our roster after this outdoor season. We are looking for new players to boost our numbers. We are also open to potentially merging teams if anyone else out there has similar numbers issues. In indoor we don't usually practice, but for outdoor we do try to. Our team has players with ages between 19 to mid 30s, and is open to all ages and positions. We do have a few players that are good in net, but prefer to play out, so if anyone is interested in a full time or part time goalie position, we would love to have you. We like to keep games competitive but still fun. We are a great group of ladies that enjoy the sport and having fun together. 

If this interests you, please contact me at jlfetsch@gmail.com  or 587-888-7013 (email preferred).


Div 4

Indoor 7v7(and outdoor 8v8)

W.Inter FC

 We are currently looking for a goal keeper.We do not practice. Our age ranges are 20-30 (open to all)

If interested please text/call/email Abby at (780)-982-3862 or aahandlon@gmail.com 



Players Looking for a Team

Name Looking For: Details & Contact Info Date Posted
Div 3-5

Female, 27

Played for ~15 years, moved to Calgary and would be interested in joining a competitive, but fun team

Preferred position is forward/wing midfielder

Contact: 780 901 0501



Level: I feel comfortable with any level. 

League: INDOOR 7 vs 7, and OUTDOOR 11 vs 11

Skill Level: I’ve played competitive/premier soccer for ~10 years when younger, but I haven’t played for many years now. 

Position: Wing Forward, MF

Age Range: 29 y/o


I am looking to join a ladies team 40+, I played with Schooner women’s team. 

My no. Is 5875785156

Div 2-3

Hi my name is Emilia Miskolzie. I am 18 years old. I am looking for a Boarded Indoor team in Div 2-3. 

I moved to Calgary this year for university. I am from Sherwood Park. I have played club for the past 8 years with Sherwood Park Phoenix. I played Tier 2 in youth and most recently div 1 in women’s. My preferred position is defence. 

I am looking for a team that plays once a week open to any team that in the Div 2-3. 

Please contact me at emiliamisk@gmail.com or (780)-964-6921.

Kristina INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7
Div 3-5


Your skill level/experience level: played tiers/divs 1-2 mainly all throughout my teens, played all levels.

what position you play: striker/midfield

24 y/o.

Contact Info k.tina.bw@gmail.com, 403-978-4484

Gabrielle INDOOR
Over 40

 I’m seeking a team to join for the 23/24 boarded 7vs7 indoor season. I would like to play in any Tier  of the over 40 leagues. 

 I played competitive soccer for over 15 years but haven’t played in many years since. I play forward and goal keeper. 


 My name is Gabrielle Pelland and you can contact me at 587-216-4685 or at 


Brandie INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7

What Level are you looking to play - I think I’m able to make at most levels, just looking for the right team and situation 

Your skill level/experience level - played competitive rep soccer growing up.  I’m the elite division of rep soccer in Ontario, and played across the province.

what position you play - I’m a goalie, but am rusty.  I love the position, but admittedly need time to get back into it.

age - 41 

I’ve been really focused on my career and family for a long time.  I want to get back into something that is for myself.  I love soccer, it has been a huge part of my life.  I’m a bit out of shape, but am ready to work.  I am excited about getting back into a team and into a community, and playing some fun soccer.

Contact: 587-434-1461 brandieferrell@gmail.com

boarded or 7v7
Div 4 or 5 recreational

Hi! My name is Hannah.


I’m looking to play Div 4 or 5 recreational boarded or 7v7. Also interested in the next outdoor season. I played throughout my childhood in England and for one year in college in Medicine Hat. I have not played since 2012 in college but am looking to get back into it, find my touch, be competitive and have fun. :)

Phone number: 403-466-1717

Annette INDOOR
Over 40

Mid 40’s

Indoor over 40

I have never played soccer before but excited to learn.


Division 2 or 3

My name is Alana and I am looking for a team in div 2/3 boarded. I played competitively until about 3 years ago. I'm 31. Play forward/striker. 

Phone: 403-667-6008

Email: alanapsargent@gmail.com

Div 4/5

My name is Katie. I am interested in finding a team to join for indoor boarded, preferably division 4 or 5. I have played throughout my teens and 20s, I am currently 32. My previous team dissolved in 2020 and I haven't played since then. Looking to join a team in defense or if need be a mid.

Phone number: 403 630 2334

Email: kcostigan91@gmail.com 

Recreational (Div 5)
7v7 or Boarded

My name is Zoe and I am looking to join a soccer team. I used to play as a kid but lost touch with it in adulthood. I am 28 years old and studying psychology in university. I would love to join a team with some other beginners. I'm looking to play recreationally :) I'm not sure which league corresponds with my skill level and what I'm looking for. When I was a child I played left forward, but I'm out of shape and open to anything!

My phone number is 403-828-4026.

Boarded or 7v7
Div 4/5

Hey I’m 25 years old I’ve been playing football since I was like 9, but only ever for fun. Recently moved from London UK and I miss playing so much already so I am super keen to find a team! I usually play wherever there’s a space on the pitch ranging from goalie to striker, no preference.

Number: 825 734 2531

Email: Harley.louise@hotmail.co.uk

Caleigh INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7
Div 3-4

Caleigh Whidden-Williams, age 19

I would like to play during the Oct-Mar indoor season . I am open to Boarded or 7v7

Looking for a somewhat competitive team (div 3-4)

I have stopped playing over the last couple years however I previously played competitively for about 4 years

I prefer to play mid/wing

Feel free to reach me by cell phone or email: 

(403) 888-9902



Hi there! Im looking to join an indoor women's league on a turf field (not boarded) for the fall/winter season

Im 33yo, I would say I'm at a competitive level, Ive played for OWSL and division 1 back in ON, but just with CSSC and Strikers since moving to AB

At my age I don't want to get hurt so I guess preferably a competitive/intermediate level? open to anything below that also!

Let me know if there is anything I can join!

my email is laurenchubb@hotmail.com

my number is 9059601135


I am looking to join a team this season for indoor. I have played competitively since i was a kid and played on my high schools team but have taken a couple years break so I am looking for an intermediate level. Through my years of playing my position was mid-filed as well as forward.I am 19 years old and miss the game. I would be happy with any league but I am looking to play this fall.

thank you, best regards


Summer James INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7

skill level/experience level - I’ve played for 4 years now

position - forward

age: 18


Boarded or 7v7
Over 40


Looking for over 40. Boarded or 7v7.

My skill level/experience level: I played until 20 years old in premier div in Edmonton - long time ago !!

position: midfield/forward

I’m 42

403 804 8575 , stephrmarques@gmail.com

Angelina INDOOR
Div 2-3

My name is Angelina, and I am looking to play 7v7 this season. I play in division 2-3 usually.

I stopped playing soccer for a year, and for sure miss the game! I have played tier 1 and 2 and am looking for some fun but competitive soccer! I normally play fullback, but am open to any position. I am 18, but am totally okay to play with older players.

Feel free to contact me by email angelinal8@shaw.ca or by phone number 587-433-4916.

Gloria Lauren INDOOR

Gloria Lauren

Over 50

-coming back after injury 

-Looking for a team with competitive skill but lots of fun too!

-prefer to play mid/wing indoor but open to help wherever needed



I currently play coed indoor but would like to try playing women's. I'm looking to play recreational (currently in the Ultra Rec division for cusa) boarded indoor.

I've been playing recreationally since I was a little kid but have never played competitive. I mostly play left wing but have spent the last couple of seasons playing defense. I am happy to play either. 

I'm 37 and in decent shape. 



Boarded or 7v7
Div 4/5

What Level are you looking to play? Div 4-5

Which league you want to play in? 

    • Oct-Mar (Indoor): Boarded or 7v7 indoor and not picky

Details (describe yourself) 

    • Your skill level/experience level: I’ve played on rec leagues for quite a few years.  I’m at a beginner-intermediate level

what position you play: i can play any position needed (except goalie) but prefer mid or forward.

your age or age range: I am 43

587-892-5796 (please text rather than call)

Boarded or 7v7
Div 3 or lower

Your skill level/experience level: I grew up playing soccer until I had my kids and I was a consistent div 3 player. I have not played in several years, so I'm a bit rusty.

what position you play: Defense

your age or age range: 41

I'm looking for a team to get back into the game, a lower division would be great with more of a social atmosphere. Focus on fun and a bit of fitness. I'm pretty outgoing once I get comfortable.

403 612 3502 / trishasflanagan@gmail.com

Tier 3

Hello my name is Megan Blomer, I am 23 years old and I am looking for a team to play during indoor season. I use to play soccer from age 5 to age 19, I played in tier 2 for a while and also tier 3. I am interested in playing on a tier 3 women's team if there are any spots available. The position I use to play was midfield or striker so I would defiantly be interested in playing those positions again since that's what I am familiar with.


Samantha INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7
Div 2/3/4/5
  • Your skill level/experience level - I used to play competitive soccer as a kid/teenager, its been years so I would put myself at intermediate level
  • what position you play - I can play any position
  • your age or age range I'm 30 years old but I am okay to play younger / older
  • I am a mom of 2 and bringing them to their extra circular activities made me realize that I should get back into doing a sport my self!


Boarded or 7v7
Div 4/5

Hello, my name is  Maria Saavedra , I'm looking for division 4,5. Indoor either boarded or 7v7. I have played soccer since high school, and also I played with my university team in Colombia.  I can play all the positions except goalkeeper. I'm 23 years old.  .

Thank you .

Krystle  INDOOR

Hi, we are 3 or 4 girls looking to join an indoor womens team for the upcoming season.
 Please email me at alexanderkrystle1@hotmail.com or text at (403) 477-4715. Thank you. 

Raelyn and Emily INDOOR 

My name is Raelyn Albers and my friend Emily Kaldenhoven and I are looking for a women’s team to play on for this 2023 indoor season. 

Here are some details about us:

Raelyn: has played women’s competitive soccer for over five years with Sherwood Park Phoenix, plays defence or outside mid, age range: 20-25 years.  

Emily: has played women’s competitive soccer for over five years with Sherwood Park Phoenix, plays striker or outside mid, age range: 20-25 years.  

Raelyn: raelynalbers@gmail.com

Emily: ekaldenhoven00@gmail.com 

Vanessa INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7
Div 1/2/3

I have just arrived in Calgary from Montreal and I am on the hunt for a team to join this upcoming indoor season, and hopefully continue into the eventual outdoor season. I am 25 years old and have been playing competitively since I was 8. I played AAA (similar to Premier) until I was 20. I have been playing competitively for the past 5 years (Division 1-3) in Montreal. 

Feel free to contact me via e-mail: vanessa_berry@hotmail.com or by text/phone at 514-792-0725. 

Boarded or 7v7
~Division 3 

I used to play competitively, but have had many injuries and time off since. I am looking for something with some skill, but more recreational. Probably a tier 3.


7v7 or Boarded
Div 1/2/3 

My name is Paige. I am 28 years old. I have moved to Calgary this summer from BC and looking to stay active and meet some new people. I played competitive soccer throughout my school years, and have played recreationally in my 20s. I play forward positions typically. Looking to play with women between 20-35.

I am looking to play on a div 1-3 team, indoor or outdoor, 7v7 or boarded.

Text or call me if you are looking to make a team, or need a new player! 1 250 540 9576

Melanie INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7

I am open to playing at any level, in any league, either/both indoor and outdoor. I've never played 7v7 or 8v8, but am willing to adapt and learn for sure.

I'm 40, and have been playing for over 20 years at all division levels, primarily div 1-3. I am coming back from a hiatus of a few years, and am eager and ready to jump in wherever needed. I subbed in goal a few times when teams were desperate, but I am primarily a mid-fielder or striker.

I can be reached at 403-804-9636  or leavittmelanie@gmail.com 

O40 Tier 1/2

Hello, my name is Tonya Williams and I am looking for an over 40 tier 1 or 2 team for the indoor season.  I have played from competitive to recreational.  I have played for nearly 30 years, with breaks for life events.  I play D, but am open to other possibilities.  I am over 40.

Please contact me at 404-464-6316. 

Boarded or 7v7
Div 2/3/4

I just moved from BC and am looking to join a team, I have been playing on an outdoor women's team for the last 7 years and played growing up as a kid/teen. I play mostly forward or outside wing. 

Age: 30 years old

I can be reached at 604-970-6164


Boarded or 7v7
Div 3-4

I have played soccer since high school, I stopped playing in university but now I'm back to practice. I can play all the positions except goalie. 

I'm gonna be 30 yo on September 15th. 

 You can call me to 403 636 1507 

Boarded or 7v7

I'm hoping to join a team in the women's league. I am 17 years old and played soccer for most of my life in tier 2/3. I am hoping to join a team at tier 3 or so, but I'm open to playing at all levels. I can and have played both boarded and 7v7. I have mostly played forward and some midfield. I haven't played for a year, but my fitness is very high and I'm looking forward to getting back into it!



Boarded or 7v7

Recently moved from BC and looking to join a Div 1/2/3 team but open to other levels. I’m 28 and have played outdoor 11v11 soccer for the last 20 years. Played for Div 1/2/3 teams. Preference is midfield/forward. I would love to join your team! 

Text me at 604-561-5795

Sarah M  

I played for 10 years and would like to join a women's team. 

I play forward/defence/mid. 

I can be reached at 403 667 5734.

Christel INDOOR
Boarded or 7v7

What Level are you looking to play? Intermediate / rec 

Which league you want to play in? 

    • Any 

Details (describe yourself) 

I’ve played soccer all my life as a midfield wing/centre. I’m not super skilled but Im a decent player. I took a few year break so I’ve just started playing again this spring, co ed. I’m looking to play on a team that’s in their late 20’s or in their 30’s but I’m willing to play with whomever. I’d love to be a part of your team if you’d have me.


Ashley  INDOOR Boarded

I played soccer growing up, then on a women's team in my late 20's. I am 36 now and looking to get back into playing with indoor boarded soccer. 

During outdoor I played midfield and indoor was defence. I would like to play with women in my age range. I am a long distance runner as well. 

Looking for intermediate/recreational as I am just getting back into it. :)  

My cell phone number is 403-714-2741 and email is ash.quigley@hotmail.com.

Lindsy INDOOR Boarded Div 4/5

My name is lindsy and I’m looking to join a team for boarded for the upcoming winter season. I’m currently playing with a team in division 5 but they don’t play boarded. Looking to join an O30 Team but also open to just a div 4 or 5 team as well. I play Defense, but can play other positions as well.



Heyy, My name is Zahra and I’m a national level soccer player and state level runner for my home country, I just moved to Canada for my university 

and I want to continue my soccer journey. I can play CAM, left wing and strike 

My age is 19 

Please feel free to contact me 




I’m hoping for something competitive but also not a huge time commitment. 

 I want to play indoor.

I played soccer for 8 years growing up and played for my city’s team and then for Foothills soccer club for two full seasons. I then took a break and played on my high schools varsity team as an assistant captain. My skill level is definitely not to where I was 6 years ago but with my season this school year I’m feeling better on the field. I played mostly striker but I prefer right wing. I am 17 years old and turn 18 in August.

Phone number: 403-922-1716

Email: kcbefus@telus.net 

Samantha INDOOR
Rec - Intermediate
Boarded or 7v7

Your skill level/experience level- I played competitively from Age 4-18 for South West United & School teams, after high school I coached for 2 years and got out of the sport for health issues and played in a co-ed league for 2 years but have not done that in 4ish years. 

what position you play- Forward preferably but really anything but defence.

your age or age range- 30 years old (looking for 30+)

etc.- I would love to be able to get back into the sport I am passionate about, due to not being in sports for a quite a few years, I am wanting to join a team that is less competitive just a rec league to start and more just looking to have fun, meet people and just play some good soccer! I am deconditioned but willing to put the effort in and am looking to become more active.

403-968-8978 / s.watley@hotmail.com 




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