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The Player Network is here to assist players who are looking for a team and teams who are looking to add players.

If you are interested in adding a post for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at office@mycwsa.ca.

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

- Division
- Team Name
- Details (see examples below)
- Contact Info

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

- Your Name
- Experience Level
- Details (see examples below)
- Contact Info




Teams Looking for Players

Division Team Details Contact Info

Date Posted

INDOOR 2019/20
Champion's League Blizzard Chargers




CELL: 587-432-6273

8v8, Tier 4 EMFC Express

Looking for a PT/FT Goalkeeper , games are always on Sunday's in late afternoon or early evening.GK will pay a reduced fee of 50%.

 If interested please contact:

Harvey @ Hnahal@yahoo.ca

(c) 403-607-3600

Vic @ emfcswat@gmail.com

(c) 403-620-5689

Div 1 Storm FC

Storm FC is looking for a few players to round out our indoor roster!

We have been together as a team for about 7 years, but have recently lost some of our key players to serious injuries. We're looking for 2-3 players who are dedicated, friendly, and passionate about soccer to help us carry our team forward. Div 1 or 2 players preferable, but we're open to players from lower divisions who think they could play competitively in Div 1 and be an asset to our team. If you love soccer + love going for beers after, shoot me an e-mail - we'd love to have you!


Contact Suzanne at suzannetetrault@gmail.com.

Champions League Aftershock

Aftershock is looking to add 4-5 players to round out our roster. We are a fun team that likes to be competitive. we've been around for 10 seasons and would love to add to our roster


Major/Premier PASS FC

The PASS FC Premier team is looking for a couple quality players to join our team for the 2019/20 indoor season.

 If interested please contact Jason Morton at soccer-4-life@shaw.ca , or by text at 403-478-6551.  10/09/19
Div 2 Rangers Atletico

We are looking for a few more experienced, committed, and competitive players to join our team! We are a fun, young group that just came off a great outdoor season looking to complete our roster and hopefully have the same success this indoor! 

 We’ve also got a few exhibition games lined up before the start of the season to get us going. If interested in joining our team please don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to a great season!


Contact Info: Lina

email: linam.jervis@gmail.com
Phone: (403) 478-1488
Div 2 Cruisers

Cruisers Div 2 are looking for a keeper for indoor.  We are a competitive team but most importantly we believe in playing in a positive and supportive environment so every player can thrive and be their best.  We have practices booked for Tues Oct 15 & 22.  Thanks!

 Please email j.r.devries@shaw.ca or text John 403-620-4845  10/08/19

Champions League


The Bombers are looking for 4 players to add to our indoor roster. Our team played O30 last outdoor season, but will be playing in the Open Division for indoor. We are looking for players who are committed to coming to games, even when they are at 10 pm and it's really cold and dark outside.

 Meghan meghan.smolnicky@gmail.com  10/04/19

Champions League

Absolute Chaos

Absolute Chaos Soccer Champions league is looking for a goaltender for the kickstart tournament. We are a laid back team that has a lot of fun and end up having  a few drinks after the games. 

Also we are looking for a couple more players to complete our indoor roster. If you are looking to join a laid back, fun team, have some soccer experience would be beneficial. We will be trying to have a couple practices before the kickstart tournament/Season

Crystal & Ashley





we are looking for a couple of players to join our 8v8 unboarded Rebels team

Preferably div 2/3 level. Games will be scheduled on Sundays between 3-8PM


Shoot me an email: bethdickson@live.com

Or text: 587-575-1182


O40-1 & O40-2

Chestermere United Excelsior & Chestermere United Inceptors 

Chestermere United has 2 ladies over 40 teams, one in tier 2 and one in tier 3. Both teams are made up of fun competitive ladies. Please contact the club for more details.





Rapids FC

We are looking for a few players for this indoor season, to play and enjoy the game at a competitive level.

Please contact us if you are interested






- Rangers Keeper needed

- competitive team

- Rangers coach

- fees covered for season


Nancy Dube






- 8v8 Keeper Needed

- Sunday nights between 3-9 pm

- amazing competitive team

- female coached

- any age

Nancy Dube





Champions League (Div 4/5)

Adrenaline FC

Season:  Fall 2019/Winter 2020


Our team is looking for new players to join our team as a result of some player injuries.  For Summer 2019, we currently are in Second Place - something we are very proud of indeed!

What is the key to our success?  While we all love soccer, we are different than any other team that you will find.  Everyone who has joined has not only enjoyed themselves, but, wanted to share that experience with others and have brought them to our team as well.  We pride ourselves on providing each other with support not only on the field, but, off the field too!

One of the keys to who we are is how we welcome new people - regardless of their skill level !!!!   

For us, it is not about how good a player you are, but rather how much heart you bring to each game.

In general, games will be once a week, and we have not needed to schedule practices.

As such, you will find you get much more out of our team than just the chance to play soccer. 

If you are looking for something different, with a chance to get as much back as you give then, we would love to talk with you!

Douglas Ratke

Email: deratke@gmail.com

Cell/Text: 403-660-7472


O40 Tier 3


Hi... This is Charlotte Newton-Stroppel from Jade Over 40 Tier 3. We are looking for players going into the 2019 2020 indoor soccer season. We love to play soccer and are a very social team. Please contact me if you are interested. 






Players Looking for a Team


Name Experience Level Details Contact Info

Date Posted


INDOOR 2019/20
Eva Champions League

Hi there! My name is Eva, I am 20 years old and am eagerly looking to join a team!

I have played and loved soccer for the majority of my life, however it has now been quite a few years since I have last played competitively. 

Therefore, I would probably be most suited to be playing somewhere in the div 4/5 range to start.

I have always played as a defender, however I am open to trying anything out.

Although I'm a little rusty, I have such a love and passion for the sport, and I would love to be part of a fun team that challenges me!




Amanda Div 3/4

My name is Amanda Price (26). I just moved here from New Brunswick, Canada and am looking to play indoor soccer in 2020. I have played soccer for much of my life (rec, JV and AA) but have not played for 5+ years now. I would probably do best in div 3/4 at this point. I've played defense and sweeper in the past but can adapt to anything as necessary. I'm really excited to get back into the sport that I love! Please get in touch if you have any availability for a rusty but passionate player. Talk soon.


or 587-439-4226

Kayla  Champions League (Div 4/5)

Hello! My name is Kayla Gavan. I am looking for a team to join for 2020 indoor and one I can hopefully stay on for outdoor season as well. 

I have played div 4 & 5 but as it's been a few years since I've played, I'd probably be best suited for Div 5. I played defence or mid. Looking for a great team that has lots of fun and supports each other !

 You can contact me at kaylavigavan@gmail.com or by phone at 403-466-7735  12/20/19

Hi there my name is Vanessa I'm looking to be on an indoor team in 2020!

I have some experience with soccer, was previously intermediate just haven't played in a while but Im in good shape 😉 

I like to play forward. But I'm flexible. 

And I'm particularly excited to do a team sport. I love the speed of indoor soccer. 

Thank you!


Vanessa Bachynsky

587 500 8711


Lucy Div 3/4

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am 28 years old. I just moved back to Calgary and I'm interested in joining a team for the this indoor season! I have played soccer my whole life in both competitive and rec league but I have not played in a couple years. I would probably fit in best with a div 3/4 team all considering I haven't played in a few years. Please send me a message if your team is looking for another player! I look forward to hearing from you!

 250-812-1185 10/29/19 
Florence Div 4

I played soccer since I was young, this year I was playing for United FC, but our coaches retired from coaching

 14039936674  10/22/19 

My name is Amy Rowsell and I’m looking for a team for the this upcoming indoor season. I’m 22, new to the city and have played soccer my whole life. I played provincial soccer for four years while in high school but since going to university I have only played one season in a recreational league.  I normally play striker or wing midfield. I’m looking for a semi competitive team but mostly looking to have fun and make some friends! 

 My contact information is: amyrowsell28@hotmail.com and my phone number is


Shanon O40-1

Keen to join a Tier 1 O-40 team for the indoor season. Participated in Premier league and Div 1 throughout youth and early adult years. Feel free to contact me at anytime: 

 smcareavy@hotmail.com   09/25/19
Bobbi Div 3

Hi my name is Bobbi. I’ve played soccer since I was 5, love the game. Preferably looking for div 3. Looking to join a indoor team, I’m interested in playing mid or striker. I am 20 years old, new to the women’s league. You can contact me at (780) 573-4962 for quickest response or bobbiurlacher@gmail.com

 (780) 573-4962


Alysse Div 2/3

Hello, my name is Alysse Eby and I am 19 years old and I am interested in joining a team for the upcoming indoor season. I have played soccer my whole life but I haven't played in the past 3 years, due to a major knee injury. I am looking for a div 3/4 team since I haven't played in awhile, and that is also not too commitment heavy since I work full time. I have played as a striker for most indoor and outdoor seasons so that is the position that I prefer to play! I am really excited to start playing again so feel free to contact me if you think I will be a good fit for your team! 


(403) 463-6051

Lili, Celina & Josie  

Hi there, my name is Lili Coyes and I am interested in joining an indoor soccer team for this indoor season along with my friend and my sister, Celina Chabot and Josie Coyes. My friend and I are 20 years old and my sister is 18. We all have over 15 years of playing experience with club teams in Edmonton. We are looking for a team to join that isn't too commitment heavy or competitive as we are all busy students. We are really hoping we can still enjoy the sport and play soccer this season while studying. If you think the three of us would be a good fit for your team, let us know! :)

 liliannacoyes@gmail.com  09/11/19 


My name is Romyna Pinedo (27). I played since I was 12 until my 24. I am a newcomer from Mexico and I'm looking for a team for the 2019 - 2020 indoor season.

I have played in outdoor field and indoor soccer. Usually I played as right wing midfielder.



403 - 973 - 1294

Sonya O40 Tier 2

Myself and a handful of experienced, friendly, and fun, O40 T2 players are looking to join an 8v8/non boarded team in Tier 4 for the 2019-20 indoor season. 

To up the interest, we have a spunky Keeper. :)  Please reach out to Sonya at 403-827-7041 to discuss

403-827-7041 08/27/19
Emily  Div 2/3

Hi, my name is Emily Dauvin, I am 20 years old and looking to join a team for the 2019/2020 Indoor season. I have played soccer my whole life, I have played division 2 for the majority of my soccer career as well as a few seasons in division 3. This outdoor season I played on a division 4 team as I am new to women's league as well as Calgary soccer. I am competitive and passionate about soccer. I am looking to be on a competitive div 2/div 3 team. Get in contact with me through text or e-mail if you think I'd be a good fit. Thank you!


Phone #: 306 514 2717

E-mail: emdauvin@hotmail.com

Laurel Div 3/4

Hello, I am new to the league, but a lifelong soccer player. I am very experienced and passionate about the game. I play defence and midfield, but am flexible and can play almost any position (aside from keeper). I am looking for a team in Div 3/4. My availability is flexible and I can commit two nights a week (for practice and a game). I am hard-working, fun-loving and looking to make some soccer friends and have a good time playing the game I love

laurelsherriff7@gmail.com 08/15/19
Brittney Div 2

played div 2,1,prem my whole life

 bestr021@mtroyal.ca 08/12/19 

We are three females looking for a women’s team to join. We have been playing together for 5 years, varying degrees of ability but all are very eager to play and like a little competition. Please contact us today if you think you might have a spot for one or all of us!





Hello, my name is Cinthya (30) and I'm looking for a team to play for the indoor season. I've played soccer for almost all my life. I played a couple of tournaments back in my country and we won a few of them. I haven't been very active playing soccer for the last year, but I still keep myself active in other activities. I can basically play in any position but I feel more comfortable playing midfield or forward. Send me a message if you think I may be a good fit for your team

cinthycf05@gmail.com 08/12/19
Caitlyn Div 2/3

My name is Caitlyn, I am 26 and looking for an indoor team. Currently playing intermediate coed. I can play striker or defence. I have played competitively most of my life and would say I am probably looking at div 2 or 3. 

 Email me at caitlynmbourassa@gmail.com  08/12/19 

My name is Kendra and I am looking to join a team for the indoor season. I am a committed player and am looking for a semi-competitive yet fun team to dedicate my time to. I am 28 years old and would preferably like to play with a similar age group. I played competitively in high school, and off and on at an intermediate level since. I haven't played in a couple years, so I may be a bit rusty. In the past I played striker and midfield. Please let me know if you are looking for a player and you think I might be a good fit. Thank you! 

or 604-375-3122 
 Christina Div 4-5

Hi there, I am 21 years old new to Calgary and looking for a team of similar age to stay active and meet new people. I played soccer at a young age for a short while. I am competitive and athletic but since I am not very practiced being honest I know I’m not a very strong player. I am a fast learner and excited to find a team. Please email me if you may have a spot on your team. Thank you in advance!!

 christinavdp19@gmail.com 07/29/19 




My name is Kelsey (26) and I am looking to join a women's team for the indoor season (willing to play outdoor next season). I haven't played since High School but I was on a Sr Women's team since I was 15 in Saint John, NB. I played both outdoor and indoor on a competitive team.

Experience: HS Varsity Soccer, Sr Women's Outdoor & Indoor. I haven't played competitively in years, switched over to Rugby for a while (University). Looking to get back into it.

Position: Left or Right wing midfield

castro.kelsey@gmail.com or 403-437-2690   07/04/19



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